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While you are busy with your daily activities, let your canine family member(s) enjoy a day of fun with friends at "The Club".


  • All of our play groups created by the size and temperment of the members.​

  • Does you dog prefer to play with people? No problem, our energetic and caring Club Staff will play one-on-one with your dog.

  • Does your dog enjoy a small play group? We will do our best to cater to your pup so they enjoy themselves and you enjoy peace of mind.




  • At the Canine Club we believe that your dogs mental stimualtion is as important as their phisical stimulation.

  • Our Club Staff is dedicated to particpating in several different activities with your dog in each session.

  • Whether our guest prefers tug, fetch or a good game of chase, activities of all types are available to help your dog's "Day at the Club" be most enjoyable.


                                     Club Members*      GUESTS**
  • 1/2 Day (up to 6 hours) -   $13                  $15

  • Full Day                       -   $18                 $24

  • (10) 1/2 days package                             $140

  • (10) full days package                             $210


*30% off for each additional dog

** 10% off for each additional dog

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